Support Drafting Committee Of Jan Lokpal

Parmanand Pandey

An unnecessary controversy is raging these days with regard to the presence two Bhusans – father son duo— Shanti and Prashant in the Jan Lokpal Drafting Committee. Right from the day, the government accepted the demand of Anna Hazare to draft and enact the Jan Lokpal Bill with the help of the representatives of the Civil Society, a section of influential persons is not able to digest it. These people are raising innumerable objections, which are frivolous in nature but ulterior in motive. There are some publicity hungry people, who are knocking at the doors of the various courts and questioning the very constitutionality of the Drafting Committee. They say that it is the job of Parliament, which cannot be given to others under threat and duress. They are umbrage as to how the civil society can subvert the democracy and usurp the powers of Parliament.

As it is was not enough, a group of people, whose interests would be hit hard after and who do not have any hesitation in serving as the lackeys of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, have spearheaded the smearing campaign against Bhushans. There are some, who are shamelessly and brazenly painting the image of even Anna Hazare with the black brush. They are referring to some report by Justice P.B. Savant Committee, which is totally rubbish one and which has no relevance at all to the task of the Drafting Committee. One can well understand, if there were any substance in Justice Savant’s report, the Maharashtra government would never have remained quiet and spared Anna Hazare, who has become a permanent sore in its eyes because of his relentless struggle against corruption.

Now for the last so many days, some infamous corrupt persons like; Amar Singh and Digvijay Singh have launched attack on Bhushan every day with new allegations. One day for their alleged involvement a CD and the other day in availing the largesse from the Mayawati government in U.P. or on third day for evading the income tax and the next day branding them as Public Interest Litigation blackmailer.

Now the question arises as to why, these controversies are being raked up at this stage? Obviously, the corrupt elements know that they will have to face the heat of the stringent law most, that is why, they are up in arms against the very legislation itself. Nobody is asking a question to these self serving and self styled righteous people that even if Bhushans were involved in misdemeanours, how will that have bearing on their competence of drafting the bill? If they have done something wrong, they should be hanged for that but why the public cause be stalled? Moreover, if the strict law comes into the existence, then all those found in corruption would be prosecuted and penalised including Committee members. Therefore, the need of the hour is to extend fullest possible support to the Drafting Committee, so that strong and effective law is enacted soon to curb and control the menace of corruption.

Bogey being raised by the agents and advocates of corrupt elements must be smashed at any cost and that is where lies, the future of Aam Aadami and this great country with bright future but dismal present and bleak future.