Nation Wants to Know Why Tanvi Seth was Issued Passport in Tearing Hurry?

Can anyone be converted from one religion to the other within five minutes of heated exchange of words? This is well-nigh impossible, but it is what a couple-Tanvi Seth and her husband Anas Siddiqui-makes us believe, that too, after 12 years of their marriage. The lady Tanvi Seth has alleged that an official of the Lucknow’s Regional Passport Office has insulted her by asking humiliating questions about her Hindu name and he wanted her husband to convert to Hinduism. Anybody will say in the first blush that it is not only absurd but also smacks of the blackmailing by the lady and her husband.

Lo and behold! what is even more disturbing is that within 24 hours of her raising the communal hue and cry, the Passport Officer called the couple, offered them tea and handed over her passport with all humility and respect. This has been done because she tweeted the External Affairs Minister narrating the story of her predicament.
But if there is even a shred of truth in what she has told about the issuing of the Passport, then the MEA owes an explanation to the country as to why she was given the passport without comprehensive enquiry into her allegations? And if any enquiry, at all, was done, then why it was not made known to the country because it is highly sensitive matter in the communally fragile atmosphere?

Does this lady want the passport officials to be so naive as not to ask any questions about the discrepancies in her application form? The couple had shown the NOIDA address as the proof of their residence then why did she seek passport from the Lucknow office? The way this lady and her husband took the sky on their heads speaks about their criminal bent of mind. Anybody could see through that there was total black at the bottom of their statements. If the lady wanted to retain her Hindu name, she would not have used her Muslim name at other places, where she had worked.

There are many instances where women and men have not changed their names even after their conversion from one religion to the other but in this case, the story is altogether different which reeks to the high heaven. What explanation does she have to apply for the passport in the name of Tanvi Seth when her name in the voter id card is Tanvi Anas, in the Aadhar Card she is Tanvi Anas Siddiqui and in the Nikahnama her name is Sadia Anas Siddiqui? Does it not amply expose her disingenuousness for fraud and cheating?

What is even more disturbing is that this lady works with a multinational company Dell and earlier she had applied for H1 VISA to work in the US. In her old passport, her name is Sadia Anas Siddiqui and that was perhaps the reason that Visa was rejected. After 9/11 the United States and other western countries have become very sensitive towards the Muslims in the granting VISA because they (Muslims) do not believe in assimilation and adjustment. They try to maintain their distinct identity and create problems for the host country. This has been vouchsafed in the books of the famous writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali that Muslims all over the world tell lies and give false statements for availing the VISA and refugee status in all countries of Europe, America, Australia and Canada.

The conduct and the behaviour of this lady and her husband are reprehensible. She left no stone unturned to vitiate the social atmosphere by injecting the toxic of communalism through her tweets by playing the victim card. She and her husband both are well educated and there is no reason to believe that they have done it innocently. It was obviously done with a deliberate design and mischief for blackmailing. Therefore, this case must be thoroughly enquired into to reach to the bottom of the truth. External Affairs Minister also tell the country if it was not succumbing to the intimidation of the fraudulent couple, then why there was tearing hurry in issuing her passport within 24 hours, that too, without enquiring the matter and telling the country the truth? This is a serious matter and its gravity demands that the Government of India must inquire into it and tell the truth to the nation.