Killing of Osama: Pak Exposed

Parmanand Pandey

The precise 40 minute military operation carried out by American navy to kill Osama Bin Laden on the last May 1 at Abbottabad (Pakistan) was absolutely marvellous and breathtaking. This was really unprecedented from many angles. The operation has completely exposed the duplicity and blatant lie of Pakistani authorities for whom Osama Bin Laden was virtually laying golden eggs. What was known to everybody, although Pakistan was trying to cover it with thin veneer, yet became stark clear after the military operation that Osama Bin Laden and numerous other terrorists have been trained, fed and nurtured and sheltered by Pakistan Army. Pakistan, without doubt, is a rogue state which has been thriving on the crop of terrorists. It is the biggest exporter of terrorism across the world, be it India, USA, Britain, Chechanya or Canada. India of course, is the biggest victim, which has to bear the brunt most.

It is very regrettable that western countries, particularly USA, mainly responsible for creating the monsters like Osama Bin Laden, have been feigning ignorance about the Pakistan sponsored terrorism. In fact, USA has often shown insensitivity towards the plights and sufferings of India even when she had to capitulate before Talibani terrorists at the time of hijacking of aeroplane at Kandahar. The ring leader of the hijackers Majhar Masood walked passed into the Pakistan territory in the full glare of authorities after his release by no less a person than the then Indian External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh. His photographs were flashed in newspapers addressing the gathering in a mosque situated in Pakistan. India plaintively pleaded to the world that she was the victim of Pakistan sponsored terrorism but no one heeded to India’s cry.

It is also shameful on the part of Indian leadership which developed Goosebumps when it came to sternly dealing with Pakistan trained thugs of Taliban. The families of the hijacked passengers in India showed despicable behaviour by assembling before the P.M. house and orchestrating the demand for release of hardcore terrorists in lieu of the release of their kith and kin. These middle class families would not shed any tear on the death of hundreds of brave jawans on the border but they did not hesitate to make hue and cry or hullabaloo over the impending death of some of their relatives. India Media’s role was highly condemnable, which created all hype and hysteria in favour of shameless family members of hijacked passengers. As a result of it, the weak and debilitating government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee buckled under the pressure. Again Indian Parliament was brutally attacked and the country lost many brave policemen but that too could not move even the so-called democratic countries.

The main culprit of Mumbai riots, Dawood Ibrahim is sitting pretty and enjoying the comforts of Pakistani hospitality at Karachi. Similarly, the masterminds of 26/11 of Mumbai are roaming freely in Pakistan. What to say of mimicking the Abbottabad operation of USA, Indian Government has shown the chicken heartedness by not hanging the judicially pronounced culprits like Kasab and Afzal. Entire world knows that Pakistan was responsible for trespassing in Kargil but Pak authorities denied their hands in the war being fought in the name of Mujahdeen. It was ruse for throwing dust in the eyes. It is good that nobody now gives any credence to the denials of Pakistan.

Coming to OBL, Pakistan Government crossed all the limits of lie and hypocrisy, when it has been befooling the world for nearly a decade that it was actively involved in anti-terror campaign and tracking down of Osama Bin Laden, while the reality was totally different and OBL was being harboured by it. America must have pumped in more than thirty billion dollars in Pakistan just to get hold of Osama Bin Laden but every time, when American forces were close to catch the dreaded terrorist, the move was invariably jeopardised by Pak army as it always alerted the target. Alas! The money that was given to Pak was used for propping terrorism in India.

This meticulous military operation of Abbottabad has also exposed that Pakistan’s bluff and bravado was hollow to the core as American choppers carried out their operation well within the entrenched garrison of the army and its army could know about it only when the entire would was rejoicing the death of the dreaded criminal Osama Bin Laden. It would have been better if OBL had been caught alive as that would have further laid bare Pakistan’s schemes and lies. The death is hardly is rejoiced except in the cases of demons like the mass killer Osama Bin Laden. Let us join the world to celebrate the obliteration of the devil.