Violence After Prayers Stinks of Obnoxious Conspiracy

Stone pelting after the Juma Namaz (Friday Prayers) at various places in the country amply demonstrates that some forces, which are inimical to India are actively engaged in hatching a conspiracy to shatter the peace and harmony. This is being done in the name of opposing Nupur Sharma. Demonstrations and gheraos are legitimate rights of the people in our country. Even for peaceful dharna and pradarshan permission from the police is necessary but in such types of orchestrated violence police and other citizens are attacked by Namazis. It is generally believed that after the Namaz, devotees would turn to peaceful self-introspection but here they become violent and target police and the public by pelting stones. This could not have been a spontaneous incident as it happened simultaneously at many places. This was a well-thought plan, which is clear from the fact that stones could not be collected on the spur of the moment. Therefore, to maintain law and order and to restore the confidence of the people, Imams and other members of the Intzamia(managing) committee should be immediately rounded up if the crowd turns violent. The lectures, which are delivered by Maulanas after the Namz should be fully monitored and if something provocative is found then apart from rioters these Maulvis should also be held responsible.
The irony is that such anti-social elements get open support from a lobby that claims to be liberal, and the champion of freedom of speech and expression. This lobby has unfortunately been helping anarchy. One is amazed at the mentality of some people who derive perverted pleasure and gleefully tell others that Muslim countries are very unhappy with the present Modi government. They allege that the present Indian government has not been able to keep in check those who speak against Islam. There cannot be any grudge against Islamic countries because they have no idea of democracy and debate but why do our own people, who swear by dissent and discussion feel happy to be associated with them? Is it not strange that these people prefer to go with medievalism? It is all the more, strange that those who consider religion as an opium of the masses do not have any compunction in siding with those, who vehemently refuse to listen to the truth even if it is written in their own scriptures. Here it is not the question of Muslims, who refuse to see any logic in the name of faith but about those perverts who revel in the expansion and encroachment of Indian territory by China. If the relationship of India nosedives with Arabian countries and the diesel and petrol prices get hiked, they feel happy because they get the opportunity to traduce the government, which is not of their liking. Anything that embarrasses the present government will be a good stick for these nincompoops. But they do not know that under the cover of Modi’s opposition they are doing incalculable damage to the country.
India has always had a very healthy tradition of discussing and disagreeing with any proposition, even if a person is high and mighty. Kabir Das has been the biggest iconoclast that the country has seen in the last five hundred years. One shudders to think that what would have been the fate of Kabir Das if he had been alive today. After all, Nupur Sharma did not say anything which could be said to be a figment of her imagination. She simply quoted from the Hadis, which no cleric has been able to refute. So, why this intolerance? Are we returning to the age of darkness, where even facts can’t be stated or told in the name of faith? Clearly, it is against the democratic, constitutional and even religious spirit of the country. The law-enforcing agencies will, therefore, have to take the help of technology to deal with such elements, who erupt into violent activities on the day of the religious congregations. But apart from the law enforcement agencies, the awaked section of the society will have to also come off their shells to create an atmosphere of discussion and debate free from rancour and animosity.