Vaidik -Saeed Meeting Cries For Satisfactory Answers

Meeting of Shri Ved Pratap Vaidik with terrorist Hafiz Saeed of in Lahore, the other day, has caused lot of furore across India. The reasons for indignation and hullabaloo over this meeting are very valid and genuine. The terrorist Hafiz Saeed was the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack of 2008 which resulted into killing of nearly 200 innocent lives. Among those who were killed were tourists; who were staying in famous Taj Mahal Hotel near the Gateway of India, journalists, police officers etc. All terrorists, except one Mohammad Azmal Kasab, who caused death and devastation in Bombay, were killed. The arrest of terrorist Kasab was the major achievement of Indian forces, which established beyond all doubt that it was the handiwork of the ISI and its henchmen like Md. Hafiz Saeed.  Pakistan was always in the denial mode saying that it had nothing to do with Mumbai terror attack .Pakistan even shed crocodile tears by joining the chorus of condemnation coming from all over the world.

Nevertheless, the deception and the acting of Pakistan were exposed when Intelligence Agencies of the world unambiguously pointed out that the terror attack was planed and executed from Pakistan. The person, who was guilty of this heinous crime, was Mohammed Hafiz Saeed, who has always been living in multi layered protective cover of the ISI.

United State of America said that Hafiz Saeed get all support from Mullahs and Military of Pakistan. He has been declared by the UN as an international terrorist and carries the bounty of 10 million dollar on his head, which comes to INR 60 crore and Rs.100 crore in Pakistani currency. The lies of Pakistan were further nailed when Kasab gave all details during his trial.

This is, however, different matter. The issue here is whether Shri  Vaidik was justified in meeting the terrorist, who has been spewing venom  against India day in and day out. If Mr. vaidik met him in the capacity of journalists, which he is claiming to, then ther5e is nothing wrong in it because journalists have been meeting dacoits, terrorists, dictators and dreaded persons like Hitler, Musolini and Ayatolla Khumeini. The purpose of such meetings and interviews has been to know the mind, objectives and modus operendi of such cruel and perverted persons. However, the meeting of Shri Vaidik was most appalling, to say the least.Mr. Vaidik did meet alone, without any evidence. He did not take any note of the interview nor did he carry any audio / video tape of his interview.

What is even more shocking is that he started giving solution to the Kashmir problem surrendering the interests of India. He went to the extent of suggesting that both sides of Kashmir should be allowed to merge and be declared independent of India and Pakistan. This is outrageous and outlandish suggestion, which needs to be decried and deprecated by every India. It is against the spirit of the constitution and the resolution of Indian Parliament. Moreover, who is Shri Vaidik to offer this suggestion on behalf of the Indian Government of India and people of India? Who authorized him to propose such bizarre opinion to that despicable terrorist and the enemy of India?

What, therefore, Shri Vaidik did in his meeting with that scum Saeed was nothing but un-journalistic, anti Indian and unbecoming of any sane person, who has shown complete insensitivity to the people of India and particularly to those families, whose near dears lost their lives in the terror attack.

Shri Vaidik is a known braggart and namedropper. He claims proximity with every Indian Prime Minister after 1977 cutting across political spectrum. Nobody knows the reality but the fact is that of late, he became very close to Baba Ram Dev. But see his ludicrous question to Saeed that if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  visits Pakistan- will you welcome him or not? Who is that idiot to welcome Modi? Why should any Indian, much less Shri Modi, expect any welcome from that criminal? Apart from he asked he wanted get silly information about his marriages and wives. He has not given any satisfactory answer as to0 facilitated his meeting with Saeed? These are the nagging questions, which need to be answered by Shri Vaidik, otherwise his conduct woulfd continue to be under reproach.