Parmanand Pandey

‘Rule of law’ is the basic and quintessence of democracy. It has to be assiduously preserved and protected by all those; who are at the helm of affairs in a democratic set-up. Without observance of the rule of law, the democracy becomes a farce and many a time worse than dictatorship.

What has happened the other day at Ram Leela Maidan of Delhi to spoil the Satygraha of Swami Ram Dev was most shocking and nothing but the mockery of democracy. Anybody would be aghast to see the harrowing scene of the atrocities being perpetrated by the police on the peaceful satyagrahis in the mid of the night, when most of them were fast asleep.

The government owes explanation to everybody as to why the draconian measure was adopted to disperse the Sayagrahis? Any dispensation having the semblance of civility would think at least a dozen times for taking any step to drive away the peaceful people. But, the step of the police action that was taken by the government would be unthinkable and emphatic no.

Baba Ram Dev has been campaigning for nearly two years to bring back the vast sums of Indian money stashed away in foreign banks. It is claimed that if the entire amount is brought back, India would instantly become a rich country.

The whopping amount of Rs. 4 lakh crore that have been spirited away from the country is mind—boggling ,to say the least. It is beyond anybody’s comprehension as to why the government of the day is developing cold-feet in this regard? The more the government wants to conceal it, the more the suspicion of the people gets thickened and strengthened about its malafide intentions. Now the people have started saying that those sitting at the top in the government do not want to touch the corruption and corrupt elements. In fact it is they who encourage the corruption. If those like, Baba Ram Dev raise there voice they are subjected to derision, ridicule subjected, lathi-charge and tear gas. This amply exposes the government that it is prepared to compromise with corruption and its generator at every step. It is frightened even with the name of ‘corruption’ as it is neck-deep into it.

This government accorded the red carpet welcome to Swami Ram Dev on this matter demonstrating its sensitivity, even if it was for public consumption, it cannot say that Baba’s demand for bringing back the black money is unjustified. Swami Ram Dev has actually caught the fancy of the people. The government firstly wanted to cause rift between Anna Hazare and Ram Dev but when it failed in its objective, it started the dirty game of vilification, character assassination and defamation of Swami Ram Dev.

People are not fools; they can well see-through it.

But, however, Baba has not to deviate from his path, come what may. The public support is abounding to the cause for Baba Ram Dev; the need is channelise to make a corruption free society. Let us hope for the best


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