One wonders why some intellectuals in India and some governments of tiny Islamic countries are up in arms over what Nupur Sharma said in a TV debate. She might have naturally gotten infuriated over the extreme provocation by some panellists over Shivlingfound at Gyanvapi of Varanasi but what she had said about Prophet is fully countenanced by the Islamic scriptures. She even quoted the source of what she said. But what is strange is that instead of providing any logical reply to what she said, some people started blaming her for blasphemy.
Imam Mohammad Al- Bukhari is considered to be one of the most distinguished scholars of Hadith in Islamic history. His book Sahih al-Bukhari contains the words, actions, and habits of Prophet Mohammad.
This book says that the ProphetMohammad married Aisha when she
was six years old, and he consummated his marriage when she was nine-year-old. Many people think that the Arab world got annoyed with India for what with she said in the TV debate. But why should they matter to India? They are not even worth two pennies. However, if BJP succumbed to the pressure of Arabian countries to take action against Nupur Sharma, then nothing can be more shameful. So, the earlier her suspension is revoked the better for the image of the government and also of the party that rules the country.
A large country like ours is not expected to bow down to the pressure of these insignificant Arabian countries. Who cares for these two-penny Arabian countries? The USA has been openly helping and supporting Israel in the teeth of opposition from these Arabian countries and they have not been able to shake even a hair of America. China has been bashing and pounding Uighur Muslims for the last many years, but these countries have not mustered the courage to even open their mouth against repressive China.
Even today in the twenty-first century the Arabian countries are characterised by scientific illiteracy, retrogressive mentality, and medieval backwardness. Their displeasure, therefore, should be dismissed with the contempt that they deserve. One is aghast to learn that even in this time when the invention and miracle of the internet have taken the world by storm, how can a section of society in the world subscribe, nay, boast of living in the age of caves?
Nobody can be kept shackled with outdated and primitive ideas in modern times. Thus, if the BJP wants itself to be saved from public ridicule, it must not only revoke the suspension of Nupur Sharma but also help promote the openness of ideas. It will be the moment of remorse and mea-culpa for theParty and the government. Why and how law and order are thrown to the wind by a section of society at short intervals is another issue of deep concern and consideration for the government of the day.
What has happened at Kanpur a few days after the suspension of Nupur Sharma shows that it was a well thought out conspiracy and planning. The conspirators must be found out and a long-term policy is prepared so that the fangs of the anti-social elements are crushed before they could rise again.


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