Seema Haider Must be Protected

Controversy has flared up across the country over Seema Haider, an illegal migrant from Pakistan to Greater NOIDA of Uttar Pradesh (India) to live with her lovelorn new husband. She claims to have converted to Hinduism and has married a Hindu Sachin at Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu (Nepal). She has illegally come to India along with her four minor children but not to create terror or law and order problems. Some people are looking at it as a big security threat because she comes from Baluchistan in Pakistan, they conveniently forget that crores of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas are illegally living in India for decades and are eating into the vitals of our economy. Many of them have even obtained forged documents to be citizens of India. But here is a woman, who has come to marry a boy five younger than her in age and belongs to the Hindu religion.
She is being projected by some as a security threat to the country. Nothing could be more ridiculous than this misconceived belief.
Can a woman of hardly any connection with either the Pakistani or Indian establishment pose a threat to the security of the country? Her previous husband, who has deserted her for many years, is now asking the Indian government to repatriate her to Pakistan, where if she goes back would surely be killed. This woman Seema has been swearing her loyalty to Mother India and to the religion of her husband and has taken shelter in India and is now in the full glare of the media. And there is not even the remotest possibility of her having any truck with Pakistan or her erstwhile husband. How can she be a threat to India, that too, when she has come with four minor children? Can anybody raise this doubt if she were from any other country like Russia, China, Ukraine, Indonesia, England, Germany, Italy, Canada or Japan? No, never. In fact, an Italian lady lost the chance to become the Prime Minister of the country by a whisker.
Giving refuge to a harried and harassed person is a part of our culture. We cannot throw her to Pak vultures. Certainly, those illegally coming to India in lakhs have their nefarious designs. They create a threat to the safety and security of the country. They often cause formidable problems to the law and order of the country. Even otherwise also, there is no dearth of fifth columnists, who work, day in and day out, against the country. They have sold their souls to enemy countries like Pakistan and China. These serpents in the arms are the firsts to forecast this poor woman as a Pakistani spy but they keep their eyes, ears and mouths shut over the illegal influx of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas.
There is no doubt that our BSF should have state-of-the-art technology and enough training to ensure that no illegal person gets entry into India as thousands of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas have practically inundated some parts of the country. But to throw Seema out of the country to Pakistan will be an inhumane act and will amount to setting a bad example for our great country. She should be given shelter in the country with open arms as no trace has been found against her to have indulged in any clandestine, and inimical activity.