Repealing of Farm Laws means dumping of peasants

Any government worth name will be failing in its duty if it concedes to highly irrational and unjustified demands of some motivated persons masquerading as farmers for repealing of the farm laws. A so-called Kisan leader is seen to be speaking on some TV news channels that ‘why the government has gifted us something which we never demanded?’ Will anybody tell him that any government is mandated to take make such laws are in the interests of the people?
Does a government which have been elected by the overwhelming majority by the people can afford to ignore them and listen only to those who are out to create anarchy by sheer dint of the resources that they have? The government is expected to work for the vast peasantry of the country while enacting the farm laws, which has been left ignored by the successive governments after independence. As a result of it, the condition of small farmers has not improved. Even farmers with good land holdings have got reduced to penury and have been cursed to live in the debt trap because of the faulty farm policies.
Anybody having any concerns for the peasants will not lose sight of the facts that there have been regular demands for introducing fresh farm laws. If the old laws were so good, then how and why did hundreds of farmers commit suicides every year? The increasing number of suicides bear testimony that the interests of farmers were never seriously considered by the powers that be.
Mandis must go lock, stock and barrel because they hardly serve any purpose of the farmers, only the brokers and intermediaries are benefitted by them (Mandis). These aarhatiyas and brokers do not think of the society otherwise, they would never have abdicated their responsibility of educating and convincing the Punjab farmers for not burning the paddy stubbles in their fields. These farmers also need to be told to switch over to some other crops to save the deteriorating health of the soil and preserve the fast-depleting water tables.
Those who are doing politics in the name of farmers are their real enemies. Their strings are being pulled from somewhere else. There is no need to pay any heed to the eternally frustrated intellectuals and selfish journalists because they will damn you, when you do something but will also damn when you do not do anything. Therefore, they should best be ignored.
There is no doubt that disputes must be resolved through talks and negotiations, but the question is talking with whom? Those who are assembled at Singhu border of Haryana and Delhi are neither kisans nor their representatives. They are motivated to the brim and no amount of negotiations will convince them. Even in a factory or a company, there are some Union representatives with whom the managements negotiate but here there is no representative who can convince others. Hence, the government will have to handle the issue in the as best manner as possible as it has the authority and the confidence of the people.