O, Christ! Forgive Justice Banumathi for Attributing Her Rise to Only Your Grace

Justice R Banumathi, who retired today as the Judge of the Supreme Court thanked Jesus Christ more than once in her farewell speech organized by the Supreme Court Bar Association for making her what she is. It was uncalled for her to have uttered that ‘though she is a Hindu, she believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ.’ As a retiring judge, she could have thanked God, which is an omnibus term instead of thanking Jesus Christ to make her faith and predilections known to one and all. If she is a Hindu, which she claimed, she could have spoken about any of the symbols of her faith or not have spoken at all as it was immaterial on the occasion of her farewell. But the way she used the name of Jesus Christ, that too more than once, was no less than a sneering comment on the faith i.e. Hinduism.   This amounted to running down one religion and extolling the other. This was a very subtle and dexterous way of propagating one religion at the cost of others. If she had not said that she was a Hindu and had given all credit to Jesus Christ for her rise to the level of the judge of the Supreme Court, nobody would object to it. However, to say that she would not have come up to this level if Jesus Christ had not showered his grace on her. Being a Hindu how did that it was Jesus Christ helped and Lord Ram, Hanuman, Goddess Durga or Lord Shiva? What is all the more shocking was that the Secretary of the SCBA also invoked Jesus Christ while proposing his vote of thanks.
It is a common knowledge that Christian missionaries adopt all sorts of deceptive measures and means to convert Hindus because it is only, they, who are the easy prey or target. They (Christian Missionaries) do so in the name of providing service, giving education to the poor people and different other types of inducements. It is also known that JusticeBanumathi has embraced Christianity but the way she disclosed her identity is unbecoming the stature that she possesses. She will be known by her judgements, some of them are indeed very important, and not by her public announcement of the grace of Jesus Christ.