Not even a word of truth is found in what terrorists say

By Parmanand Pandey

Now the reports suggest that Hamas terrorists were responsible for the ghastly attack on Al Ahli Arab Hospital situated in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is the original sinner of starting and escalating the war in West Asia. It was guilty of killing hundreds of innocent people in Israel. Some 300 people died when they were busy enjoying the dance party. Israel immediately started retaliatory attacks. There has hardly been any resistance from Hamas once Israel swung into action. Then a psychological warfare was launched that the Lebanon-based Hezbollah would also join Hamas against Israel, which would not be able to bear the two-pronged attacks.

More than a fortnight has passed, and Israeli forces have been pounding on Hamas to decimate the terrorists, but it will take some time to completely exterminate them. The frustrated Hamas then attacked the hospital blaming Israel for its bombing. Now the video footage shows that Hamas misfired on the hospital by its cheap missiles. Israel has claimed to have done precision bombing in the car parking area which made craters.

In the war time blame game is very common. Enemies blame one another. By horrendous bombings in Israel, Hamas was under the impression that it had won the war as Israel would not be able to rise from the wounds that had been inflicted on her but Hamas got the shock of the life within no time.

Terrorists all over the world take recourse to obfuscating their opinions. Immediately after the attack on Al Ahli Arab Hospital, the Hamas started blaming Israel is committing against humanity by bombing the hospital. Surprisingly, the echo system of Muslim Jihadists joined them in spreading the lies. In fact, terrorists speak only lies and not an iota of truth found in what they say.

India has been the worst sufferer of the lies of the terrorists. When they
attacked Mumbai in November 2008, the Pakistan-sponsored terrorists knew that they would be killed by the Indian security forces in a counter-offensive, so many of them wore sacred thread on their wrists. They thought that when their dead bodies were brought for identification, they would be thought of as not Islami Jihadis but as Hindus. But one of them was caught alive and he vomited the truth that it was a machination to confuse the people and security forces of India. It has given a lesson to all that whatever terrorists say should be taken with a pinch (rather than a shovel) of salt.

There is hardly any doubt that the forces of Israel will break the bones of Hamas and they will not be able to raise themselves for many years to come regardless of the aid and assistance they get from Türkiye, Qatar, Iran or Pakistan. This time not even all Muslim countries are in unison to support Hamas.

Surprisingly, Iran is a Shia country, which has been at loggerheads with Sunnis, which is represented by Qatar, Pakistan and Türkiye. Pakistan is a bankrupt country, so no help can be expected from them. So much so, even Saudi Arabia, which is kike the head priest of the Islamic has also not fully supported the Hamas.

However, what has been shocking is that the terrorists of Hamas are getting support from some of the Indian political parties. They think that by supporting Hamas they would be able to get the support and garner the votes of Muslims. There is no denying that a large chunk of Muslims think that they must oppose any and everything that Prime Minister Modi says forgetting that they must also use their common sense and oppose terrorism of all forms and manifestations. Any support for any type of terrorism is bound to boomerang.

All the governments of the world must try to bring about the peace in the West Asia. Enough lives have been lost. People are dying of water and hunger. In fact, without restoring the peace the problems cannot be solved. Therefore, it will be in the fitness of the things that peace must be restored at any cost.