Non-existence of Rama to His Bhakti by Rahul’s Family


     Rahul Gandhi and his younger sister Priyanka Gandhi are trying to prove that they are better Hindus than thousands of others. Let them live in their own make-believe world. In Hinduism, there is no place for a demonstration, and this is one of the reasons that a person who exhibits by his/her outward behaviour of claiming to a Hindu is considered to be an impostor. Simplicity, good conduct and abhorrence from dishonesty are some of the qualities, which are the sine qua non for Hinduism. It is an altogether different matter that not many people adhere to it in real life. It can be seen from the lives of hypocrite Babas, who believe more in ostentation than in the real religion.
However, what is most significant is that only a few years ago the Government of the Congress of which Sonia Gandhi was the President had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court that Rama was a mythical person. It resonated the words of Karunanidhi, one of the biggest enemies of Hinduism, who said that there was no Ramsetu. Karunanidhi had even questioned the skill of Lord Rama and his army by asking that from which college Rama and his army of monkeys had studied the engineering that helped them in building a bridge? Can there be any discussion or dialogue with persons like Karunanidhi, who was more known for his womanizing and writing the scripts of phantasy films than learning and visionary thinking? But now the same Rahul Gandhi and his sister are visiting from temple to temple to show that they are also devout Hindus. They should be asked whether they were correct then or now? By the way, it is difficult to remember if they have ever visited any temple in Delhi, where they live.
The love of the Congress Party for Lord Rama is a total sham and fake. This can be known from the undeniable fact that during the hearing of Ayodhya issue in the Supreme Court, the Advocates, who are also the important leaders of Congress party threw spanners in the hearing and demanded that it should be adjourned till July !5, 2019, when the new government at the Centre was installed. They knew it well that during the hearing their stand will be exposed.
These leaders have many times unabashedly defended JNU lobby, that openly works against the unity and the integrity of the country. It is the same party, which promoted the policy of appeasement and communalism, which has eaten into the vitals of the country. The need is to beware of such leaders, who have gained expertise in saying and showing something, which they will never believe. The hiatus, the chasm between the words and works and preaching and practice of these people is absolutely unbridgeable.
 Can there be any bigger deception to befool the people?