Ms Bachchan’s Speech Exemplifies her Reprobate Nature

Ms Jaya Bachchan’s speech yesterday i.e on 14th of September 2020 on the floor of the Rajya Sabha was laughable, highly disappointing, thoroughly illogical, and supportive of the corruption that is prevailing in the film industry. It has been an open secret that Bollywood, which outwardly gleams, is rotten inside and stinks to the high heaven. It is controlled by Mafia dons, is a den of smugglers, tax evaders, drug addicts and criminals of different types. It does not mean that all those who are in the industry can be tarred with the same brush but the influential section of it certainly suffers from the vices of nepotism, drug addiction and casting couches.
Ms Bachchan did not name anybody in her speech but her innuendo was unmistakably towards Kangna Ranaut, who has shown the extraordinary courage to speak about the gutter that has been flowing in the filmdom. This rot has, of late, overpowered most of the activities of the industry. The influence of ‘ Dongri to Dubai’ is visible in all walks of the Bollywood. As the saying goes that not a leaf moves without the permission of the Lords of Crimes. Conjure up any illegal and unlawful activity and that is there in plenty in Mumbai.
There are some people, that includes almost the entire film industry consisting of Jaya Bachchan and her husband Amitabh Bachchan, who is objecting to Kangana Ranaut’s comparison of Mumbai with PoK . These people possibly unaware of the expression like Hitlershahi or Ravanraj is used even in India to describe the tyranny of those who are at the helm of affairs. When anti-social elements have the field day on the roads of Mumbai and a famous female actress like Kangna is not allowed to speak her mind, then how could her description of Mumbai, as if it were in PoK, be outrageous and wrong?
The self-styled civilized people want her to address the Chief Minister not as ‘tu’ at a time when her house was dismantled at a notice of fewer than 24 hours, that too when she was not in the house to receive the notice. A person in pain, anguish, and anger over the forcible breaking of her house cannot be expected to be the personification of civility. If she had been all smiles and presented herself to be the embodiment of civility by using sweat words, then it would have been an act of fakery, not having any remote connection with reality.
Now coming again on Madam Jaya Bachchan’s speech in Parliament where she said that ‘those who have made name and fame and earned money from the film industry do not have any right to speak badly about the industry’. It is like allowing the rot to remain wrapped under the carpet. Does it mean that who earn their livelihood by legal practice have no right to raise voice over the prevailing corruption in the profession? She wants to deprive a journalist, a businessperson, or a politician of speaking against the malpractices that have crept up in journalism, politics, and business.
This is not only the reflection of her absurdity, but it also speaks volumes of the triviality, frivolousness and the reprobate behaviour of the lady Bachchan. It is also a sad reflection of the party, which has sent her to the Rajya Sabha, who has not done any service or work for the people and society.