Sudden and Enigmatic Withdrawal of Farm Laws

Utkarsh Pandey, Advocate
It is really an enigma shrouded in surprising mystery that why the prime minister has decided to suddenly withdraw three Farm Laws, that too, at a time when the farmers’ agitation has almost died down. It was practically gasping for breath for the last many months. There was no support coming for it from any corner. Some political parties were, albeit, extending only their lip service to the agitation. Even Supreme Court has come down very harshly on the agitators and has asked them to vacate the roads surrounding Delhi that they have forcibly kept in their control for the last some months.
The Prime Minister had said that those supporting the
agitations were like ‘Andolanjeevis’. What is even more intriguing is that these Farm Laws were already kept on hold for two years, then why were they withdrawn suddenly? The Expert Committee appointed by theSupreme Court has also unambiguously spoken in favour of the Farm Laws. Moreover, there has been a continuous demand for reforms in the agriculture sector. Therefore, this U-turn of the government on the Farm Laws is beyond anyone’s logic.
There is hardly any doubt that agriculture needs to be modernised. This admittedly cannot be done by small farmers, who are practically labourers, as they do not have the wherewithal to modernise agriculture. If the Farm Laws had been not withdrawn and implemented with all sincerity, would certainly have modernised agriculture. Presently, the need is to lessen the burden from agriculture, adopt new technology, increase the irrigational facilities, arrange the high yielding seeds, provide the remunerative prices and abolish the net of the middlemen. In fact, these were envisaged in the Farm Laws.
It was thought that the government, experts and the courts would convince the predominantly large number of small and marginal farmers of the benefits of the Farm Laws and implement them with all sincerity in due course.
But unfortunately, the government has buckled down under the pressure of the vocal lobby of rich farmers and politicized intellectuals. Throwing the towels before such persons particularly when, the government had spoken many times that Farm Laws would not be withdrawn, has poured icy waters on the hopes and the aspirations of the small farmers like us.