Mamata’s Historic Win in West Bengal

Parmanand Pandey

Massive victory of Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal assembly elections is satisfying, momentous and epoch making. Marxists have been blown after 34 years of uninterrupted rule in the strong gale of Mamata’s popularity.

Actually, it has been set in the psyche of the people for the last nearly two decades that the Marxists were invincible and it would be impossible to replace them through any democratic exercise because; they have mastered the art of subverting the public opinion by taking recourse to force and coercion and rigging the elections. In fact, the people of West Bengal have been fed up with the dictatorship and goondaism of Marxist rulers and cadres’ right from the early eighties; but their anger reached the saturation point from the late nineties. If free and fair elections had been held for the West Bengal assembly, they would have thrown out in 2001 elections, if not before. Notwithstanding the huge wrath of the general public Marxists managed to win the 2001 elections. People, however, were aghast and felt cheated. In 2006 general elections of assembly the patience and anger of the people crossed all limits though; the Marxists were again able to manipulate the results in their own favour. This led to further cynicism among the young men and women and they started taking up the arms in large numbers.

Thus the Marxists have been mainly responsible for the growth of naxalism and frustration among youngsters. In fact, Most of the leaders of the Left Front suffer from arrogance and hubris. They still live in the Stalinist era and have refused to come out of time warp. The world has moved millions of miles ahead and away from the ideology of Lenin and Stalin, but they ridiculously harp on that fossilised philosophy. Scientific discoveries and means of production have changed and revolutionised the world beyond recognition, yet the blockheaded Marxists tired to oppress the wishes and aspirations of people with indiscriminate application of force and fraud.

At one point of time, the West Bengal was considered to be the most industrialised state of the country and was in the proud company of Maharashtra and Gujarat which at present is not only the worst governed state but the least industrialised state of India. Hundreds of industrialists and industries had to migrate from West Bengal to other state because of hostile attitude of the Left government. Hundreds of thousands of workers were left high and dry during the misrule of the Left Front. In the name of promoting trade unionism, they killed the hens that were laying eggs to feed the workers. Not surprisingly, therefore, the West Bengal has been posting very high negative trend of growth from all indexes resulting into large scale unemployment.

The most egregious misdeed of the Left Front government was; however, to allow the large scale infiltration of Bangladeshis in India. Needless to mention, crores of Bangladeshis have permanently settled in India by illegally entering through porous borders and the most outrageous act of the Marxist government was to give legitimacy to these Bangladeshis by providing them ration cards and putting their names in the election voters list. Thus the infiltrators are now the bonafide citizens of India As a consequence of it, the original inhabitants have been reduced into minority and they are cursed to live in the constant fear of Bangladeshis. These Bangladeshis have changed the demographic contours of several electoral constituencies not only in the West Bengal but in other neighbouring states like; Assam and Bihar. As these Bangladeshi have been voting in favour of the Left Front en block, therefore, they were always welcome with open arms of the Left government. Bangladeshis have now spread to almost all parts of India thanks to inept handling of the Central as well as the Left Front government of the West Bengal. They (Bangladeshis) are now posed a serious threat of law and order problems in almost every state. Besides, the security of the country is also endangered because of their sizeable pan-India presence.

All said and done; the Left Front leaders must be praised for their monetary honesty and austerity although the same is not true about their cadres. The general cadre of the Left Front has been as corrupt or sometimes more corrupt as the Congressmen and other party workers. It must be borne in the mind that the Left Front leaders and cadres would not easily swallow and tolerate their defeat and, therefore, they will certainly pose problems for Mamata Bangerjee at every step. Since they are well-entrenched at all levels of administration they will create stumbling blocks and hindrances for the new dispensation by all conceivable manners.

Therefore, Mamata Bangerjee will have to tread very cautiously. She will have to use the iron hand to crush the trouble makers but at the same time; she will have to take urgent steps for developmental works, so as to come up to the high expectations of the general public. I am sure she is fully aware of the challenges May she gets the strength to successfully grapple the problems and difficulties and surge the state forward by Godspeed. More about Mamata sometimes later.