Kiss of Love or Kiss of Shame

The supporters of ‘Kiss of Love’ are seen wearing a shirt these days, which is emblazoned with a slogan that in India ‘you can piss in public, but not kiss in public’. Obviously, these ardent supporters of the ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign that is raging across Kochchi to Culcutta and Delhi to Dibrugarh believe more in demonstration of love than in love.  You talk to them and they say that any moral policing on their public display of love is contrary to the Constitutional Provisions of freedom gurranteed to citizens of country. When you remind them about the provisions of section 292/293/294 of the Indian Penal Code, they will not only laugh at you but also frown upon you with most contorted face. By their facial expression, you can come to the conclusion that in their eyes, you are a backward person, not in sync with the winds of liberty or is it indecency that is blowing in their world.
Needless to say, that these practitioners of ‘Kiss of Love’ have hardly any concern for the poor, illiterate and deprived sections of the society, who are underfed and under clothed. They will mock at Indian culture and will immediately take back to the period of art and culture of Konark and Khajuraho. Ask them to serve the sick and malnourished women and they will disappear like the horns from the head of a donkey.
The virus of ‘Love of Kiss’ spread from Kochchi (Kerala), when on November 2, 2014 hundreds of young men and women assembled to the publicly kiss one another. Thousands got voyeuristic pleasure from the shameless behviour of these people. This movement began with a Facebook page and within a span of few hours it was ‘liked’ by  more than a lakh person. It has got the instant support from the authors like Anita Nair whose novel – ‘The LadiesCoupe’ is one of the best sellers. She (Anita) asks where has the moral police gone, when thousand of children are trafficked and children are abused? She has compared kissing as natural as breathing, drinking, talking and singing. She has gone to the extent of saying even fish kiss, so why can’t a man or woman? What kind of society we have that frowns upon love? May I ask her can the trafficking of women and abuse of children be stopped by the salacious display of kissing in public? No doubt, kissing and sex is natural but it it necessary to convert the public places into bedrooms? Can love be illustrated only through advertisements? Do men and women deserve to be compared with the school of fish? To my mind, it is unfair comparison.
What Anita Nair says or what so-called modern advocates of ‘Love of Kiss’ say is not only abominable and outrageous to the vast majority of people of the country but that depict their abysmal ignorance about the psyche of the Indian society. These kisser of love belong to the tiny minority, whose perversion can be witnessed from the fact that if that anybody opposes such mindless scenes, they pickup the cruel and go to the extent of rampaging.  
I have always believed that social websites have the enormous potential and they can be used for the betterment of the society but at the same time, they have extraordinary capacity to leave a deleterious effect on the society. In many cases, we find innumerable social sites which contain pornography and prurient material, which by no means can be said to be the part of freedom an individual. If they have the freedom to have sex, they cannot claim to have it by assailing the sensibilities of millions and millions people of the country.
If we allow kissing in public today can we stop smooching and love making in public tomorrow? These misguided young men and women perhaps do not know that freedom to kiss in public is offending the freedom of large number of people in the society. If such freedom is allowed then what are we going to tell our children? What lessons shall we given them and what standards shall we set-up for them? If ‘Kiss of Love’ is allowed to be promoted at public places, can we ensure the protection of children? It is an odious logic that even in the absence of ‘Kiss of Love’ we have the cases of rapes and crimes. But when you analyze this logic then its hollowness is exposed. In spite of rigorous laws, crimes are taking place; does it mean that there should be no deterrent laws? This is funny and most ludicrous logic. These are the people, who will strongly support for the love making in the public places and parks, but when it comes to campaigning for removing suffocating practice of Burka or Hizab, they will chicken out. The is most stifling thing for the women of  the Muslim community but so called forward looking young men and women will keep silent on. This also speaks of their intents and integrity. Hiding behind the freedom of expression for the lumpenization in the society deserves to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Needless to say, the Kiss of Love is nothing but classic demonstration of vulgarization and it needs to be opposed tooth and nail by every right meaning person.