India must extend all possible support to Israel

The current war that is raging in Israel and Palestine is possibly the longest one between the two. Israel has already smashed the ribs and bones of Hamas, the terrorist outfit of Palestinians and supported by 57 other Muslim countries. Hamas was the first to launch attacks on Israel with 3000 rockets, but instead of unequivocally condemning the terrorist attacks, the Muslim countries have started blaming, in unison, that Israel has been killing innocent civilians of Palestine. There is no doubt that a large number of civilian casualties have occurred in the retaliatory action of Israel but there was no way out for her to avoid it because Hamas’ terrorists have been holding civilians to ransom and use them as shields. One Saumya Santosh of India has also been killed in the rocket attacks of Hamas These are the tactics that are adopted by terrorists in India also, be it Kashmir or Chhattisgarh.
There are many puzzling questions that have given rise to this war. Israel has been a time-tested friend of India. She has not only supported India at all forums, including the UNO, the biggest talk shop of the world but has immensely helped India in all the wars waged by China and Pakistan, then why the government of India has failed to reciprocate it to Israel with the same alacrity and unambiguity? There is a groundswell of support for Israel in India and yet the silence and diffidence of GOI in helping Israel to crush terrorism are not understandable. Requesting for peace and ceasefire at a time, when the friendly country, Israel, is bombarded by Hamas terrorists is a classic example of India’s timidity. Is it not bizarre that a country attacked is blamed as the aggressor and the real aggressors and terrorists are playing the victimhood card?
Israel has always been on the side of India on the issue of Kashmir, although India has always been ditched by that hypocrite freebooter Yasser Arafat, who took all benefits from India and never hesitated to become the sidekick of Pakistan. The Muslim world must realise that the concept of Islamic brotherhood has been paled into insignificance before the modern concept of nationhood. How can they stand before a country, where every person is a dedicated soldier of the country and has the resolve to stand like a rock in the time of any crisis?
The entire Muslim world is known to be intellectually bankrupt and devoid of scientific tempers, militarily parasitic and coward, mentally profligate and lecherous, regressive, rogue and arrogant in attitude. They all are frozen in the time zone of the 8th-century feudal era. When the whole world says that terrorism has no religion why the Muslim countries are supporting Hamas in the name of religion is another enigma of their double-speak and deception.
This is the time when GOI must join with Israel to crush the terrorism of all manifestations from the world. This is also the time for India to adopt the policy realpolitik in the face of the challenges of our enemies. People of India will also have a proud feeling to stand with a friend in the time of her need.