When the lockdown was declared for the first time in March 2020, some biased journalists were in the front to mock and ridicule the Prime Minister for taking such a step. These journalists relish in anti-Modi stories and find fault in him, where there is none. Obviously, these journalists are either being funded by some foreign forces, which are inimical to India in general and Modi in particular. They are so powerful that with the active support of some forces they can capitulate any government with their orchestrated echo system.

There used to be regular debates on many TV channels, where all the time government was blamed to have not preparing contingency plans to deal with the pandemic. On NDTV, its proprietor-editor used to anchor a programme on the calamity of the Corona and had made it a point to always take an anti-government stand on the issue of handling Corona. All debaters, including some Doctors, used to agree on one point that ‘more people would die of hunger than Corona’. Now after two years one finds that these prophets of doom have been proved wrong. They look forlorn and depressed. Deft handling of the grim situation by the government has shown to the whole world that not even a single person died because of hunger or starvation. The entire world has seen with wonder and amazement the way the Indian Government pulled all socks to face the pandemic and emerged much stronger. The free ration was provided to eighty crore populaces, month after month during the Corona, which staved them off the death from starvation.

However, the latest and the first decision of the 2-0 Yogi government to continue to distribute free ration for three more months to over twenty crore people of Uttar Pradesh is not good for the state. The situation has returned to normal, and the Corona cases have come down next to nil therefore, the free ration supply could have been stopped. Harvesting of Rabi crop will start in another fortnight and the farmers will have enough food grains in their homes, so, the free ration supply could have been extended, at the most, for one more month. Freebies are good to tide over a crisis, but it should not be made a norm because people become lazy.

Think of the days of March 2020, when everybody was scared. There was an acute shortage of masks, sanitisers, which are now available in plenty. Apart from it, the government asked the pharmaceutical companies to produce enough medicines to be distributed among Corona patients. Our scientists developed the two most effective vaccines in record time, which could not have been possible without the support and encouragement of the government. The country certainly suffered the crisis of Oxygen during the second wave of Corona but that was also solved on a war footing. Thus, the sterling performance of the government in handling the Corona
cases won all-around accolades and appreciation for it. It was reflected in the recent assembly elections, particularly in Uttar Pradesh, where the Yogi government registered the spectacular victory.

The biggest causality during the Corona has been the media. The damage has been caused to the profession by the paid journalists, who were overactive in spreading false and fake news to defame the government and demoralise the people. Some journalists and most of them were unemployed UTubers, who had made it a point to report against the government what may. Many of the well-known faces took the mikes in their hands and shamelessly ran the anti-Modi agenda and interviewed only those people, who have been supporters of any political party. A lady journalist, who is known for her wheeling and dealing in the UPA government and was awarded Padma Award, took a mike in her hand and started inciting the migrant workers to move away from the places of their work to their home villages. The reason for it was given since they had nothing to eat, therefore they were moving away from the places of work. She forgot the fact that the government did not waste a day in declaring the relief of free ration to one and all. Such journalists were responsible for creating chaos and anarchy on the roads, knowing fully well that trains and buses were suspended during Corona. Without losing any time, however, the government made arrangements for the buses to transport the migrant workers to their destination free of cost.

Another remarkable decision of the government was to distribute free ration across the board, without any discrimination on the ground of the region, religion, or caste. It will not be surprising that the Muslims have been the biggest beneficiary of the free ration and many other schemes like Ujjwala, Ijjat Ghar Yojna or PM Awas Yojna. It is a different matter that the anti-Modi and Yogi feelings have been drilled in their minds to such an extent that they still remain their worst critic for no rhyme or reason.

When the Pandemic Corona has badly broken the economy of most developing and underdeveloped countries, India has set an example for the whole world as to how to handle a natural calamity.


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