Hamas does not Deserve any Support for its Thrashing

Israel and Hamas war started on 7th October and has already taken the toll of more than 15 thousand human lives. In the past, no friction with Israel has lasted for more than a week but this time it is still continuing despite the passage of nearly six weeks’ time. In fact, it is no longer a war but a relentless thrashing of the Hamas terrorists and their sympathisers in the Gaza Strip. According to the latest reports almost the entire Gaza Strip has been occupied by Israel’s forces. Hamas terrorists are hiding like rats in the tunnels, which they have constructed mainly under the hospitals to shield themselves. Terrorists are now targeting hospitals, killing innocent people and blaming Israel’s forces to gain sympathy from the world. But no country has till now come forward to join the war against Israel. Even Iran, Lebanon and Pakistan do not have the courage to face the wrath of Israel.
As a matter of fact, the world can learn a lesson from Israel, which has vowed to completely destroy Hamas. Only a decade ago; India was the centre of terrorist attacks. People were mortally afraid of travelling in trains and buses. Even public places like hotels, bazaars and temples were not spared by the terrorists, most of them were homegrown terrorists and were obviously surviving with the help and support of Pakistan. But presently Pakistan itself has become a bankrupt country and is going across the world with a begging bowl. Although fundamentalist and radical forces in Pakistan provide only bogus verbal support to Hamas, they have neither the courage nor strength to physically provide any help to them. In India, we often see that some people loudmouth to extend support aid to Hamas forgetting the fact that any assistance to it will amount to propping up terrorism, which is a danger to mankind.
There is no doubt that hundreds of innocent people are being killed in this conflict and it will be in the interest of humanity that it is stopped without any further loss of time. The world, particularly those who stand in support of Hamas must prevail upon them to hand over all hostages to Israel otherwise, it is almost certain that it would not stop till their total extermination.
This conflict also points out the abject failure of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad, which is considered to be the best in the world. Hamas would not have launched an attack on Israel from thin air in a day. Hamas terrorists must have prepared their strategy for months together to launch the massive attack on Israel killing hundreds of innocent people in a few hours’ time but shockingly the Mossad did not have any inkling of it.
There is no gainsaying that terrorism must go lock, stock and barrel. Any sacrifice to liquidate the terrorists will be in the interest of humanity. At the same time, it is also necessary that Palestinians must also be provided all succour and land for their peaceful settlement. This is possible only when every trace of terrorism is fully wiped out and the Islamic countries must desist from sustaining them as some of them like Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran are shamelessly openly bolstering it.