Farcical agitation is bound to fizzle out on its own

The so-called farmers’ movement that is going at Singhu border of Delhi is a total farce. It has neither farmers nor any element of agitation. It looks like a picnic organised by some wealthy and rich forces, which are out to make a hay while the sun shines. The other day while watching a TV channel, whose anchor is a rabid anti- Modi, one is amazed to find that the agitation is nothing but a big hoax. The anchor was trying to show that farmers would not move from the site till all three farm laws were abrogated, although he was unwittingly exposing the puppet farmers and their handlers. He interviewed some of them, who claimed to be farmers. Some of them were old, some were young but most of them were labourers, who were brought from various districts of Punjab.  

    During his reporting, he asked some of them to show how much preparation has been done by them to sustain the protest. Then the anchor asked his cameraman to pan the Gym, where the elaborate arrangements for foot massages have been made. Physiotherapy facility is available at the place of the protest. Doctors are in attendance. There is no dearth of bottled water in the campsite. There are two or three stores have been set up, where plenty of warmers are available, anybody could come and take anything of his or her choice. There is one gentleman on the other corner of the place of dharna who is tattooing mainly to the youngsters.  Comfortable beds and heaters under the carpeted tents have been installed to make the winter enjoyable.  These conveniences are available absolutely free of cost. 

    Modern and automatic roti-making machines have been put up in the kitchen. A lot of vegetables, gas cylinders are lying in the corner. Those willing to have the taste of chats and golegappas can get them as much as their palate needs. Some people are engaged in working in the kitchen. It is being said that there is a one- or two-kilometres long line of tractors with trolleys, which are laden with all essentials like flours, vegetable, mustard oil, ghee and spices etc. Last month when they were marching towards Delhi, their Godfathers were claiming that they were prepared for a long haul to sit on dharna, which is no less than a picnic for the participants. There are many of them who are very candidly saying that they have been getting support from NRIs, this speaks of the interests of supporters of the agitation in creating trouble for the government.

    There is not even an iota of doubt that the so-called protest to Fam laws is manipulated and orchestrated one.  Some frustrated people and politicians in Delhi and elsewhere are extending their support to this counterfeit agitation because of their impotence and effeteness as they know that cannot start any agitation of their own.  So, they think that it is better to hide behind this fake agitation.

    The so-called Kisan leaders have not been able to convince anybody with the drawbacks, demerits, or shortcomings of the Farm laws. Whenever it is asked why the Farm laws should be repealed, they will speak like a tutored parrot that these laws are against the interests of farmers but how and in what way- then they have no reply.  It will be irony and a big joke for the parliamentary form of the government if the laws, which have been enacted by the Parliament after threadbare consideration by the various committees are repealed.  This will not only send a bad message to people but also be a big joke with them. 

   It is also clear from the various reports in the newspaper and visuals of the Television channels that 95 per cent of the crowd assembled at the protest the site has nothing to do with this spurious agitation. This is all being managed by the agents, middlemen and intermediaries.  Therefore, they should be dealt with an iron hand for the larger benefit of the public and the peasantry.