Doing Away of English in the New Educational Policy at the Primary Level is a Welcome Step

The elite class and elitist schools in India are most rattled with new education policy, which lays emphasis on the medium of instruction of all subjects through mother tongue, local or national language up to 5th standard. English will only be taught as one of the subjects. Now the lobby of the perverts says that the standard of education will go down if the English do not remain the foundational language from the very inception of the education. There is no end to the imbecility of such persons. Their entire logic is often reduced to absurdity, what existentialist philosophers have termed ‘reductio ad absurdum’.
All the great leaders of this country have had their primary education through mother tongues. Those who have gone to different fields and studied through mother language have far excelled in their chosen areas in comparison to parasites, who have studied through English medium right from the first standard.
There is no doubt that English is the language of exploitation of the students as well as of their parents. Surprise of all surprises is that most of the parents gleefully allow themselves to be exploited. Most of the parents make a mad rush to the English medium schools to get their wards admitted. They not only give huge fees but hefty donations to the School managements; so, the education of such children starts with the alphabets of corruption. These children know nothing except snobbery and arrogance. They lack the spirit of the service, probity, honesty, and uprightness. Therefore, the New Education Policy must be applauded that it has proposed to do away with English at least up to the primary level. There is enough empirical evidence to suggest that the children who have studied through mother tongues at the primary and secondary level have a better understanding and grasp of the subjects for higher education.
I have been listening for the last so many decades that our boys and girls have been doing well in foreign countries because of their command over the English language. Nobody could be bigger fools than such persons who believe that it is only the knowledge of English which has made them important. As a matter of fact, they have become almost indispensable because of their hard work, that too, for lesser remuneration. It can be an eye-opener for the supporters of English that most of the countries, which have made a significant contribution to the science, medicine or technology have been imparting education to their children in the language of their country. Be it China, Russia, France, Germany, or Japan.
These Johnnies raise another irrelevant and ludicrous objection that what will happen to the education of those children, whose parents work on the transferable posts. Firstly, the number of such persons is and will always be minuscule and secondly, if such a problem arises, the government can provide some incentives to such servants so that they can keep their wards at the place of their choice or they may request for not to be transferred till their wards have studied up to 5th or 8th standards.
The NEP will also help promote the three-language formula which will, without doubt, be a formidable achievement to be reckoned with.