Dilemma of what to do or not to do?

By Parmanand Pandey

This is the second part of my previous post which is completely based on my personal experience. The aforementioned workers-Durga Prasad Tewari and Subodh Prakash- got the cheque for Rs. 59,000/- each on 28th May of 2010 on the instructions of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. When I asked them to pay my remuneration for working continuously on this case fore more than a decade as I have run from pillar to post; spent money on attending the dates; getting hundreds of pages typed on my expenses; got them photocopied, then they kept mum. I had worked on days for preparing the case and in research of case laws to argue in different courts. I also told them that generally remuneration is taken by the advocates irrespective of the fate of the case in the courts. But in this case, the fee is being asked when they have got the money. Although, it is highly improper to claim for the wages when the workmen are already in employment, which they are in this case, yet since natural sympathies remain with workmen, therefore, advocates from workers’ side always and invariably request the courts for back wages. Both have been earning from other employment as well. Thus this money has come as bonanza to them.
It would, therefore, be highly appropriate for them to have parted with certain amount to a person, who not only constructed their case but helped all through to get them reinstated. But it had no effect on them at all. I also assured them that would they would be getting some more money from the management in compliance with court’s order, but that too, did not bring any salubrious effect on them. Both of them gave me the lesson of Lord Gautam that ‘one bird in hand is always better than two in bushes’. They told me that would rather remain content with the money which had come into their hands than contest further for more money or even be reinstated. They said that they were no longer interested in reinstatement as they were already drawing more than minimum wages to which they were entitled to withy court’s order.
The sum and substance is that now they have stopped taking my call. I am on the horns of dilemma- what to do- go for another round of litigation for my remuneration against those whom I defended and espoused against the management or forget about it and remain silent to maintain the respect of the working class?
Hopefully, I may come to any conclusion after a few days of broodings.