Devil cannot Quote Scriptures, Vinay Dube Must be Sternly Dealt with

You cannot expect the security forces, including the police, to wear the ‘rule of law’ on its sleeve to deal with such criminals, who care two hoots for the law and other human beings. Therefore, Yogi Adityanath government is fully justified in razing the house of that notorious outlaw Vinay Dube so as to nab him. Law must serve as a deterrent for others also. Some will say that why to bulldoze his house to catch him? By asking such questions, one unwittingly provides a shield to the outlaws. Think of the sponsored anti CAA protests, was it possible to control in U.P. without adopting the unorthodox method of making the violent protesters pay for the damages caused to the properties? No, it was not possible at all. The primary responsibility of the government is to maintain law order and for that purpose, it may adopt all means at its command.
There is no doubt that in Uttar Pradesh all political parties, without exception, have given protection to criminals on the basis of their religion and the caste. This is for the first time, that the criminals are facing the heat regardless of their caste or religion. Hence, those who criticize the government for demolition of his house because he happens to be is a Brahmin, while no such steps have been taken against many other tough criminals belonging to other religions and castes, are totally wrong. Such critics are misguided, parochial and are bringing slur to the entire Brahmin community, which is known for being peace-loving and law-abiding. Vinay Dube, a hardened criminal, has killed and committed more atrocities on Brahmins than others. The Killing of eight Police personnel deserves no soft approach, particularly from Brahmins. It, is a well-known fact, that some twenty years ago when Vinay had hardly past his teens, had killed a Brahmin, holding the post of a Minister of State Uttar Pradesh in the broad daylight, that too, in the police station. He was acquitted from the court of law because all prosecution witnesses turned hostile. Can a daredevil goonda, who got eight policemen, including a deputy SP rank officer, be shown any leniency in the name of law? Obviously, the reply would be an emphatic NO.
Some twenty years ago, I had asked a retired Sessions judge from Panjab, who was then practising in the Delhi High Court, that how come most of the terrorists in the early eighties were getting acquitted by the trial courts? What he told was shocking but correct to the last millimetre. The inherent weaknesses of the criminal justice delivery system are that it is exceedingly difficult to bring criminals to book and dispense justice. Witnesses do not come forward to depose against the criminals for fear of their and their family members being annihilated.
However, the modus operandi of the late KPS Gill, who had the full support of the then Chief Minister Sardar Beant Singh and the steely resolve of the then Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao, helped restore the law and order in the state. Many people had started saying that Panjab had gone out of the hand, but due to the trio of KPS Gill, Beant Singh and PV Narasimha Rao, Panjab became one of the most peaceful states of India.
The condition in J & K was much worse, happily, that is also fast coming back to normalcy thanks to the out of the box methods being adopted by the security forces in dealing with dreaded Pakistani funded terrorists.
The case of Vinay Dube is different from other terrorist activities only in the sense that while at other places, terrorism was/is sponsored but here he has become a terror unto himself, which cannot sustain for very long. He will, doubtless, be crushed sooner than later by the State government. The police of Uttar Pradesh has been getting laurels for its most humanitarian handling during the Coronavirus but it will have to refurbish and clean itself from the departmental rats and moles who are found to be in cahoots with criminals and pass on the information to them before the raids are conducted to their premises.