Utkarsh Pandey Ll.M.

These days the demand for caste census is being raised particularly in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, where the politics usually revolves around castes. The irony is that it is being demanded by those, who claim to be the votary of the casteless society. There is ample testimony that the socialists, led by Dr Ram Manohar Lohia, have been the real progenitor of caste politics in the country. Instead of making any positive efforts for the establishment of the casteless society, they almost spent their whole energy in perpetuating this social evil.
The Congress Party did not lag behind in exploiting caste politics to remain in power for long years. In fact, it not only encouraged casteism but also made all efforts to appease the minorities so as to remain ensconced in power. Some political leaders think that it will provide them the opportunity to make further demands for reservations in government jobs and educational institutions on the basis of the castes. This demand has become more intense and vigorous particularly after the decision of the Modi government to provide ten per cent reservation to the weaker section among high caste Hindus.
This idea of caste census is fraught with innumerable dangers for the unity of the country as it will pour oil on the fire being smouldered by fissiparous elements, which are presently dormant for many reasons but mainly due to the strong government at the centre. Assuming that the proposal for caste census is accepted then what will be its fall out? Will it stop at that? No, never.
If the caste census is done, then the caste leaders will again ask that the reservation should be done as per the proportion of the population of the particular caste. For example, the Yadav will say that since their number is more than Kurmi or Kushwaha in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, therefore, they must get more reservation than others. This will ultimately lead to the caste war in different parts of the country. Once the caste war has started civil war will not be far away. It will be difficult for any government to handle it, giving the opportunity of rejoicing to the enemies of the country, who will do everything to fan it.
This also demonstrates how myopic our leaders are, who do not believe in universal progress of all groups of the society. They want to further drive a wedge among different castes causing a huge deleterious impact on our cohesive social fabric. Therefore, the government must reject this dangerous demand with all firmness that it possesses.


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