Cowardice of the Afghan Army has no Parallel in History

In recent known history, two instances of the abject surrender of two big armies come to mind. The first one was the surrender of nearly one lakh Pakistani army personnel in Dhaka in December 1971 before the mighty army of India. But the second one that has happened in Kabul is unprecedented. Here a professionally trained Afghan army of three lakh men has left the field before75, 000 primitive Taliban.
It is unheard of in history when the entire government has fled to some other country and the army has absconded from the scene. This clearly shows the Afghan government, and the army consisted not only of cowards but of the supporters and sympathizers of the Taliban. These bigoted Talibani terrorists will very soon convert Afghanistan into another Syria. It is ironic that when Russians had occupied Afghanistan in the late seventies, it was the USA that supplied modern arms and ammunitions to Talibans through Pakistan. The then President of Pakistan, General Zia ul Haque, used and fooled Americans to the hilt and got most of the arms diverted to its own country. He had then made the infamous statement of making a thousand cuts on the body of India to bleed and fester. In a way, America was responsible through Pakistan for creating the problems in Indian occupied Kashmir. After the Russians left Afghanistan, Americans got Afghanistan got it occupied. Then again, the Taliban started getting arms and ammunition from Russia and China through Pakistan. However, the ultimate loser has been India, which invested a whopping amount of Rupees 23 thousand crores in the last twenty years for developing the infrastructures like the building of Parliament, universities, factories, and roads, etc. in Afghanistan. As of now, it appears that the entire goodwill investments have gone down the drains.
This region has been one of the most developed and cultured places of the world but from the time it came under the influence of the primitive Islamic forces, it has become an abhorring example of barbarianism. Shockingly, the so-called civilized and democratic world has even today become the mute spectator of the savagery of the Taliban. It is time for the entire world to unite against these brutes to completely annihilate them. It is all the more sad to find that even in India, there are many takers of the Taliban forces. Americans cannot be trusted in this fight against the Taliban. Therefore, China, Russia, France, Great Britain, and Israel must be brought on board to crush the Taliban. India will have to take a lead role in galvanizing the world forces for the extermination of the Taliban. A group or a force that targets women, children, and innocent people and perpetrate crimes against them can never be brave.
Talibans are a bunch of cowards, and their brutalities are the reflections of their cowardice. They will definitely now grow more opium and earn money by bootlegging.