Asali Kisan cannot be Free to Participate in Dharna

December and January is the terribly busy and hectic season for the farmers. A Kisan cannot afford to be away from his/her farms for weeks together to participate in any Morcha. a long period of time. This is the time to irrigate their crops and look after them. This is also the season of the sugarcane crushing. All genuine farmers are busy in supplying the sugar canes to sugar mills for it is the main cash crop, which helps to make purchases of necessary items for round the year.

Therefore, one is amazed as to how thousands of farmers can keep themselves away from their farms to join in a dharna and demonstration on the Delhi- Haryana border. Obviously, most of them are fake farmers and nothing to do with farming and have been brought on payment by the wealthy agents, who have been desperate to get the new Farm laws repealed. Is it not surprising that farmers are not worried about their crops for the sake of repealing of three farm laws? These laws, in all fairness, should have been brought at least four decades ago. Small and medium farmers have their own set of daily problems, it is only two per cent big farmers, who are worried about new laws because it is they, who have been getting benefits or pocketing the profits of the Minimum Support Prices and the Mandi Samitis.

There are some people who try to become innocents and ask ridiculous questions that when farmers did not demand the new laws, then why should the government have enacted these laws? Can there be any more idiotic questions than this? Need it to be told to these perverts that the government is elected by the people and it is the bounden duty of the government to think of the betterment of the people of the country. There is no need that e demands should be made by the people before laws are enacted. These people are either naïve or knaves. They cannot be so naïve, so, they are clearly the knaves of the worst orders.

Even otherwise also the demand for the new farm laws has been coming for very long. It is because of the defective policies that hundreds of Kisans have been committing suicides. The system had kept them tied in the endless trap of debts, leaving no choice but to end their lives. Any sensible government cannot allow such a flawed system to go on and hence the decision of this government to enact these three new laws are to be appreciated.

Records say that Uttar Pradesh is the biggest producer of the wheat but it sells less wheat than Punjab because the coterie of the agents purchases it at a cheaper price to sell them in Punjab by manoeuvering Mandis at the MSP thereby they pocket the unlawful profits. Therefore, any government worth name would refuse to buckle under the pressure of a few thousand farmers and sacrifice the interests of the crores of others. The government will do well to ensure that a few thousands, who are funded from vested interests, do not take the people of the country to ransom.