Parmanand Pandey

Hail Anna Hazare. Doubtless, his victory is people’s victory. Those who have been cocking the snook to the fast unto death of Anna had to eat to humble pie. The amount of spontaneous support that came for the cause of weeding out the corruption has been unprecedented in the real sense of the term. This type of movement has not been seen in Independent India.

Anna Hazare’s movement has brought forth at least two important features. One; almost every body in India has become the victim of the corruption. It has not only spread its tentacles widely but has dug its roots so deep that people are groaning with its pain. Two; if any sincere person starts an agitation, he or she is sure to get the overwhelming support of the people. The fast unto death of Anna Hazare has made it evident that there was no need for any publicity. Entire country would come for support as if pulled by ropes. In our country we have been talking about corruption, blaming politicians and officers, wailing over enormity of its growth but have hardly made any honest effort to bell the cat. Anna has done it and the people have leapt over his initiative.

He has shown the path. He has shown to the world that if there is a will and sincerity of purpose, one can do wonders. I also joined Anna’s movement in my own little way by registering my presence on all four days. My friend Radha Kumar, an Advocate by profession was so enthused that he used to remain at the place of Anna’s fast for six to seven hours every day. It was indescribable scene at the site of his fast. What was really remarkable was that the voice of sanity was resonating from across the country, nay: all over the world.

The government of India represented by smug and neck deep in corrupt politicians and officers started shivering over the magnitude of the support that Anna got. They tried to obfuscate the issue by planting stories in newspapers like; Indian Express, but at long last it had to buckle under the pressure of the people. Good sense prevailed over the government that it conceded all the demands of Anna.

There are some people, not necessarily the beneficiaries of corruption, who have been raising their objections over the methodology of Anna Hazare. They say it amounted to black- mailing the elected government by those who have never faced the electorates. How could an elected representatives share the platform with those in drafting of the bill, which have not accountability to Parliament of India? They are sadly mistaken. The voice of the people was so solid and deafening that those representatives of Parliament had no choice but to yield. What Anna did was true voice of the people. After all, he has simply reminded the government, what it is supposed to do.

Anna has come as a beacon light. People have reposed immense faith in him. He has awakened the citizen. Now it is the turn of the people to keep the level of awakening high; so that we can establish a corruption free society. After all, eternal vigilance is the price that has to be paid by every citizen for the safeguard of clean and corruption free democracy. He cannot be a Gandhi and there is no need for him to be. Gandhi’s times were different and his methodology cannot be replicated now. Media has become very strong and it is a matter of great satisfaction that this time now it has played its role well.


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